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please help getting frustrated does anyone else feel like this !

Hi everyone I had my first operative lap at the end of August. I always have the pain in my left side. I started noticing improvement then I got bad again even on cerezette and implant a few weeks after I was told just to wait till the cerezette works well it was getting worse weeks off work head down toilet fatigue terrible pain. I took the matters into my own hands so I went on the endo diet which was really hard but I found its amazing pain went didn't have to be on painkillers energy back was fantastic the odd hicup but otherwise the best I have felt in months but over the last 4 days but have been noticing pains coming back in the last week and a bit I had the odd slip not major and I am in agony again being sick my left side inside feels like it's on fire. Surely that's not normal I've seen the doctors at hospital that looked at me sympathetically and said there was nothing they could do apart from give me painkillers my doctor has NO idea what she's doing I can't blame her though she's been trying her best. And I'm back part time at work but I work with only men who look at me as to say nothing's wrong with you. I don't see my consultant again until December he did mention that on my last lap I was severe and he thinks he may not have got it all and it may be in my bowels now has anyone else had this experience or are any of you just generally fustrated trying to get your life on track and it's going to shite. Thank you for taking the time to read this. it doesn't seem like I can turn anywhere without being judged ridiculed or turned away.

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I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. Is it worth phoning consultants secretary to see if they have a consultation. I'm glad the diet helped for a bit. Endo is a horrible disease as it can't be seen and so many people don't believe the pain


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