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What should I do now?


Well, I finally got to see a privet specialist and she agreed that I might have endometriosis. She told me to go on the endometriosis diet! ...and sent me off. Surgery is apparently a last-resort and can actually do more harm then good.

I've been feeling so much better lately, been dieting and have more energy, I could go for longer walks, but no sign of my appetite coming back :-(

I haven't been hungry in the last 11 months!!!! I force feed myself otherwise I get dizzy and I get a headache.

But this morning I woke up feeling worse, weak and shivery. I've eaten a good breakfast and still feel really weak, like I haven't eaten anything, yet I'm so full up in my chest. I wish that I knew whats wrong.

I've had it a lot lately, feeling weaker in the mornings, but always felt better later on. Now I feel like I have a temperature, but I don't.

I don't really know what to do anymore.

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I'm no expert but have had 3 laps and am very surprised that's the advice you were given as they can't properly diagnose without the lap and seeing what's going on? So how she can recommend a diet based on thinking its Endo I don't understand. I strongly suggest you get a second opinion.

They can tell based on your symptoms whether they think it's Endo and if you are really suffering a lap is the only way to tell how bad it is and treat the effected area.

Hope that helps somewhat, don't suffer in silence and you are not alone.

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Yeah it confused me too, she wrote in the report that I might have "mild" endometriosis! Which is ridiculous because you can't know that without the Lap... They are sure that I have IBS and might also have a bit of endometriosis, which I suppose is possible because each could be aggravating the other.


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