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after lap

hi advice plz. i have had my lap two weeks ago. removed my ovaries and found sage 4 endo could not remove both tubes only one and could not remove the uterus as it was attached to the bowel.

I am still in pain and so disappointed. my surgeon has said that the uterus will shrivel over time. i don't care i just want the pain in my groin /deep in my stomach and left leg to go away any help plz for when i go to him in the next 3 weeks/ also had lots of organs unstuck.

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Hello I had my lap 2 weeks ago, had endo removed from bladder, bowel , had a cyst removed from ovary and my left Fallopian tube removed which had a cyst in in. Also like you eveything stuck together and scar tissue from my numerous previous surgeries.

I was told this was extensive surgery and need a 6 week recovery, I'm still in pain and feel very tired and weak. It may take some time to feel the benefits of surgery?



It is so disappointing. You think you will be pain free after the ordeal of the op. Chin up though perhaps we want too much to soon aye?


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