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Lap date confirmed!! So happy!!!

Today I had a call and have FINALLY been given my lap date!!!

Weird timing as this weekend and this week so far has been the WORST!!! The pain I woke up in yesterday nearly had me fainting in bed which brought on a full blown panic attack!!

I then had to go to work dosed up on drugs crying on the inside!!

I was referred in July for the op and have been chasing non stop at the hosp!!!

When I got the call today I nearly cried with relief!!! However, now.. I am feeling SCARED?!!! Finally getting answers and perhaps I will be told the extent of the Endometriosis which will be hard to hear... I should be thinking positively but I can't help but feel scared of actually getting some answers and what it might bring with it!!!

My lap is on 14th December.. Not sure how long I will need off work?

Does anyone have any advice for what to ask in pre-op? I really want a dye test if possible or do they do that automatically when they are in there?

Thanks in advance!!! :)

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Hi, ask at pre op about the dye test and if they do biopsies, and then re-ask the surgeon before your op (they usually come round and speak to you beforehand) don't be nervous, it's nicer knowing what your dealing with even if it isn't what you want to hear, it helps you from thinking it's in your head. The lap is nothing compared to the pain you've probably encountered along the way. I just felt pain from the gas but lift your legs after the op and it will disappear quickly it's more uncomfortable really. I had my lap 2 weeks ago today, they burnt endo away but left it on my bladder, I work 13 hour shifts on my feet so I'm not going back until next week at the soonest it depends what you do if it's a sit down office job I think I would have returned after about 10 days there's still pain then but more when I moved around.

Hope everything goes well for you post back and let us all know.


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