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Great way to detox & relax - foot bath !

Hey gals, even though I am all new to endometriosis but I have found a great way to detox and relax my body and to reduce the pain - treating myself to a foot bath before going to bed.

I am Chinese so I have long known the benefits of hot foot bath (maybe a tradition in Asian culture?). However, I have never kept it consistently since I never felt the need to. Now I am picking up this strategy and what I do is I usually add some Chinese traditional herb called Wormwood into the hot bath. I was able to buy a package of wormwood in a Chinese supermarket in NYC. They come in tea-bag sized and each time, you simply toss one bag into the hot boiling water and keep stirring. Wait for 5 - 10 minutes before you add in either cold or warm water so you can gradually put your feet in (be careful not to burn yourself). Once the water cools down, add more hot water.

Wormwood is believed in traditional medicine to "mobilize circulation of blood, promote immune system, sooth liver and kidney, enhance lymphatic circulation, decrease dizziness, and treat insomnia." You don't have to add wormwood, that is just my own whim. Hot water itself is beneficial enough.

I usually do this for 20 minutes and each time without fail, I would start to sweat profusely 15 minutes into the bath. Instead of taking off clothes I keep them on so I can sweat even more ( like a sauna).

In fact, my pain in Oct is a lot less than my pain in Sep (my pain starts in Aug). There might be many other reason why my pain decreases but I think, hey it wouldn't hurt to give it a try if you haven't done so already. X

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Sound like a good idea! Of course feet are all connected with the body with reflexology points. When i had a foot massage afterwards i felt i was walking on clouds and i was so relaxed. So maybe i need to try this for my pain complaints.

How long do you know you got endo?

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I don't know when it starts, all I knew the pain starts recently. If I think back, maybe some slight discomfort starts creeping up for a year? But I am not sure


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