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Pain when exercising?

Hi all,

I am due another lap in the next month or so and am trying to loose some weight / get healthier before I have more surgery. I find that when I am exercising I get so much more pain and bloating not only during the work out but for a day or two after too.

Just wondering if anyone else struggles with this? I find it very hard to get motivated to go when I can pritty much guarantee it will set me back pain wise plus I struggle with fatigue on a daily basis which just adds insult to injury.

Hoping I'm not the only one out there with this.


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I definitely have been having more pain with exercise...especially when I do anything that requires my core to be activated...which is pretty much everything. I have stopped until I get the green light from my doc after my lap next week.

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Hello, I am a sports therapist and I have endo. I found when I first started exercising with the pain that it had to be very small and I couldn't eat anything at all because it make me bloat and then endo pain... But I wanted to take up running so I found that if I ran for one min walked for one run for one walked for one... That was three years ago and I can now run for up to an hour and I play a lot of sport but The day that I exercise I only eat salads and vegetables! Nothing heavy if i do It puts me in a lot of pain when moving.

Hope this has been Helpful

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Thank you so much for sharing what works for you. I'm on a huge weight loss regime. 2 stone down 5 more to go but it's been a very difficult road. On gym days I will watch my food intake and see if that makes a difference for me.

Thanks again.


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