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Hiya this is a long one, but please give your thoughts & experiences. I had a Laporoscopy at the beginning of July for suspected endometriosis as I have most of the symptoms, I have bleeding after sex which started 2 years ago while I wasn't on any contraception as Id finished on the injection 3/4 months before and didn't have it again as I bled the whole 3 months on it, I have pain during sex and can have it after for upto 2 days, ive always had heavy painful periods since I started them, my periods are really heavy and painful with a lot of small blood clots, i do get constipated/diaria sometimes, I have brown blood before/after my period. I get a pain in my lower back and down my right leg when I'm on my period & once ive finished. I have really bad pains during ovulation and I also am constantly tired but I always have low iron levels anyway due to my heavy periods. My pay period I was on for 17 days really heavy and painful with a lot of small blood clots. They when did the lap in July they didn't find endo but they did find an adhesion my left ovary was stuck to my bowel. The surgeon separated that as he said that could be what is causing my pain and he basically put the pain down to ibs & the bleeding after sex down to the injection which I wasn't on when the bleeding started as like I say it had stopped 3/4 months before the bleeding started! Anyway as I felt like I'd been fobbed off my doctor referred me privately to an endometriosis specialist & he basically said that for me to have an adhesion there's usually an underlying problem like endo or adeno. He's put me on Prostap for 3 months to stop my ovaries and see if my pain stops, then he said if I dont have the pain he will keep me on it for another 3 months but if I do have it then he will take me off it, he said he will check my pictures of what the other surgeon took during my lap incase they've missed something & he's now checked them & sent me a letter saying there was an obvious adhesion as my ovary was stuck down to my bowel but no obvious sign of endometriosis. I had the injection last Wednesday and not had any pain honesty I feel like a different woman! Does anyone think endo could be the cause even though he's checked my pictures and said no obvious sign of endo? I think once ive finished the prostap he will do another lap of I don't have the pain on this which so far I haven't, I did have pain before I had it but that pain went not kind after having the injection. Any of your experiences would be great xx

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