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All in my head?

I know my symptoms are real. And I know that I have something wrong.

But ever since I discovered it could possibly be endometriosis I have been having mild to moderate pains in my abdomen and lower back more often than I have been for the past 5 years (I'm on the implant which has spread out the pain from being every day to every month!)

Some days it feels like a mild period pain. Some days it's sharp and stabbing. And some days it's both. The pain area varies from just below my bellybutton.

Am I just more aware of it now I'm finally getting a doctor to look into it?

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Your symptoms sound like endometroisis. Get your GP to refer you to a gynae Dr. The only way to be sure is to have a laparoscopy. Although when I was first diagnosed the gynae gynae Dr was able to tell me from a internal scan at out patient clinic I had it.


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You have every right to be upset by what is happening. you have every right to be alarmed about your new pain. If you notice new pain, it's probably because something is changing. It's not in your head. I promise.

Sending you love and support.


Hannah xo

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