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Endo on ligaments and stomach muscles?

I was diagnosed with endo in 2007. Ive always complained of pain in my groin running down my legs. Sharp pains each side which cripple me. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I had spd. I was seen by a physio every week due to something being wrong with my base of my spine (L5 I think but maybe completely wrong.) and that my right hip was more forward than my left. Since having the baby (3years ago) physio stopped and I've put up with sciatica down my right side and groin/leg/inner thigh pain since.

My pain either side (where I imagine my ovaries would be) still hurt, any kind of stretch has me doubled Over. If I end up crouching down and stand up/straighten up too quickly I getting a painful ripping feeling in my stomach muscles.

I had a lap in July by a general gynae, I told her my sympotoms and she said it's unlikely to be endo, as I don't have the typical symptoms. She didn't find any endo, but only looked on my womb, ovaries and liver.

When I went for my follow up appointment I asked what was this pain then. She then held her head in her hands and said you can get endo in your sacaral ligaments. I already have a merina cool, but she put me on marvelon too, which makes me actually sick.

So since July my siaicta, groin/inner thigh pain gets worse, more so when I Hoover, or any kind of moving around that's a bit more than walking. I can't do any exercise, even swimming has me doubled up. I feel like I'm not as bad as other women who have this (which I know I'm not) but feel it is affecting my quality of life.

I've just spoke to my gp about all of the above. She said, if the lap showed no endo then it's likely that you just have siatica and the problems with that. But for me it's the reason why I have siatica is the cause for concern. I'm happy to see a physio, but ultimelty I was a referral to the endo specialist centre. However in concerned that I won't get one as the lap showed I had none.

Does anyone else have endo on their ligaments/ stomach muscles? If so how do you feel? What have you been able to have in terms of treatment?


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