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New to tests and need help after mirena coil

Please can someone help?!? So it all started about 7 weeks ago I started with awful abdo pain it started just wen I went for a wee but escalated to all the time I went in and had my coil removed it had slipped, thought he pain would go but it didn't I had an ultrasound 2 days later to check it hadn't perforated anything and the gentleman who scanned me said u have a huge amount of cysts on ur ovaries and one ovary larger then the other (this had been the case on a scan previously done 6 months prior so I wasn't overly worried 3 days later I started bleeding soooo heavy clots and almost fainting I ended up in out of hours gp who advised I take norethistine (or whatever they are called) for 4 weeks until I saw a gynaecologist I stupidly dismissed her comments as I thought I was having a heavy bleed because the coil had stopped my periods 2 days later I'm told I have pcos but I have 4 children who I accidentally fell pregnant with and one baby I lost, next thing I go to the gp and say something doesn't fit with pcos its painful wen I have sex and I'm now on my 2nd period she reads the report n says the sonographer has commented that the enlarged ovary is concerning and I have an unusual amount of cysts on both ovaries she sends me to a gynaecologist as an urgent because of the ovary I go the Dr goes through everything (by the time I see him I'm on my 3rd period in as many weeks) he says my ovary probably isn't enlarged and he's not expecting anything to feel abnormal he does and internal and is surprised by the fact my ovary does feel enlarged and it's sore when he presses! He books me in for a scan the very next day an internal one ...I go for scan he says the previous report is abit 'ambiguous' and I do have cysts on my ovaries but not in line with pcos and my ovary is enlarged he tells me to ask at reception what they want to do next the Dr had said if the scan shows nothing I will be sent back to my gp and that will be all they can do, so reception say they will be in touch that's it after 3 weeks of waiting I chase it I'm told I've been referred into hospital for a laproscopy my scan says structurally normal but requires a laproscopy I've now had 5 periods in 7 weeks but my leg is in constant pain I'm limping and I have varicose veins in it my right ovary the enlarged one is painful I'm loosing a lot of fluid while having intercourse (sorry tmi) and I'm in constant pain does this sound familiar to anyone could they be looking for endometriosis I've suffered with pain in my right side for 6 years I had a laproscopy done 4 years ago and was reported normal no mention of cysts or enlarged ovary I'm very worried if it's not endometriosis it could be something worse! My leg has been in constant pain for 2 weeks now I've had to start the norethistine to stop the bleeding as I can't cope I'm gonna get poorly as I have a heart condition any input on this would massively help my heads done in with it all thanks

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please can someone help just any advice or anything please!!!!


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