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Good morning girls,

I have my appointment today to discuss my endo I've been on the menopause injection didn't work because I take migraines and it made me feel terrible. I've been on amotriptilean and neotriptilean nothing helps I've had 4 laps and I'm going today to tell the doc that I want another as he's fobbing me off with amotriptilean to block the pain signals from my brain well I'm sorry but that's not going to help with the endo does anyone have any suggestions for me to say to the doc. Can I say to the doc about the pouch of Douglas will he know what I'm talking about. Thanks x

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Hi, Are in the UK, if so - are you under the care of an endo specialist, and do you know whether your endo was previously "burnt" during surgery, or have you ever had it excised - cut out? In what way do you mean about the Pouch of Douglas endo?


I've to get a. Mri I've previously had it burnt away


Having endo burnt is more or less pointless, some studies have shown that it fails to destroy all the disease in 80-90% of cases, which is probably why you have had 4 laps and are still suffering.

You really need to try and see a specialist and have it excised, if you are in England it's really straightforward, and you are entitled to be referred to an endo specialist at one of the BSGE centres. There are different rules in the other regions, but it is still possible. Some centres are a lot better than others, so please do some research before you decide.



I'm in Scotland at the moment I'm lying in bed in agony and the rooms spinning because of my painkillers they make me feel awful x


Hi, you do have 2 BSGE endo centres in Scotland one in Edinburgh and one in Aberdeen. I'm not sure how the process works there, but I would first ask your GP for a referral to one, you can ask other ladies on here how they got on being referred too.


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