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Consultant app!


Seen my consultant today so will try my best to explain as my head is mince. He was brilliant today with proper explanations and I had my friend for support so that helped to. Because I had severe endo and altho most was removed I need to do some hormone treatment to put the rest of the endo to sleep to try help with the pain ect. If I don't then the endo will just grow and I will probs then need ovaries ect removed which I do not want to happen. I have been put on amitriptyline at night as more likely nerve damage and adhesions causing the pain. I need to get myself emotionally ready to have hormone treatment again so he has referred me to a psychiatrist who specialises in gynaecology on may the 21st, which sounds scary but I need to mentally get myself better. Sex will be very difficult unless the hormone treatment works as endo was removed from the whole of my cervix right down into my vagina :( so feeling a bit confused and huge mixed emotions! xx

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Happy to hear you have found a good consultant who gave proper explanations and you now know what the next course of action is going to be for you. Can understand that you have mixed emotions. Hope things settle and the treatment planned is good for you x

Sunflower846 in reply to squidgy

Thank you. Feeling a bit better now but just need to get my depressions under control so I can cope with all the crappy side effects better. xxx

Interesting and good to hear positive experience. Re the Amytriptyline, I do find they help with pain at night. However, I usually have sleeping tablets and Gp won't let me have both. I do understand this, but when pain is particularly crippling, I find half a Amitriptyline with half a sleep pill enables better sleep. I find however, if I take Amytriptyline regularly or on it's own I start to get really awful nightmares that freak me out completely. I spoke to a pharmacist who said they can be taken together so confused why Gp will only allow one or the other! It would be useful just to have a small packet so I can have half now and again to get a decent nights sleep when pain is intense.

I wouldn't want to take them very often. Does anyone else take both or any medical professionals out there can give me more info on this?

Thank you. Yeah im hoping the tabs work for me as I have to go back on hormone treatment but cant cope with doing it just now. I think ur gp is making sure u don't get to sleep as ive bn told to take them at night as they make u drowsy and if u take with sleeping pill it may make u feel worse in the morning or lack in concentration. I have sleeping pills from a bit ago as my anxiety was bad and I couldn't sleep but id be scared to take them together. I work in a pharmacy on the counter tho but its great because my boss has lots of info on the meds. I think they know more than doctors when it comes to the medication and I would always ask my boss before my doctor. xx

Lynnie if you happen to read this again, would it be possible to ask the pharmacist her or his opinion on this issue ie can Amitrytyline (half) be taken with either half or whole 7.5 zopiclone?

I did ask another who said they do mix and are taken by some, but as mentioned the one Gp I asked said she wouldn't recommend it, so I really want to get to the bottom of this - thanks.

Hey sorry just sn this. I will ask my boss 2moro for u :) xx

I started amitriplyn two nights ago, my gp,gave them to me a year ago but I was afraid to take them, but I've had such bad sleep, or hardly any sleep since my lap that I felt I needed to take them.....and wow, I've actually been getting around 5-6 hours of constant sleep, i am dreaming more though, usually I'm up and down for a wee 8-10 times a night and then the back and hip pain keeps me awake but these have made such a difference - lynnieb glad you had a good consultant who explained things properly to you xx

Sunflower846 in reply to worth71

Thanks so much, my 3rd night of taking 1 tab and i cant get up in the morning lol. I get up once during the night now and get a great sleep but hope the getting up passes soon. I am only on 10mg a night for at least 2wks then move it up to 20mg and hopefully thats enough for pain. hope u keep getting on well with it. Oh ive had tingling in my left hand u had any of that? xx

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