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Employment support allowance

Hi ladies, just wondered if anyone has any experience of claiming ESA for disability? I had to leave my job in July and continue to be signed off by the doc while investigations continue and I'm on the waiting list for a spinal injection for a slipped disc.

I sent off the form, with all the supporting 'evidence' about 4 weeks ago

Thanks in advance

K x

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I've just started receiving my allowance. I found the process quite stressful but luckily my dad works for a charity that specialises in helping disabled people get access to information and advice so he helped me out a lot! Almost immediately I got a letter from my local job centre requesting an interview with me to discuss ways to get me back to work even though i've just had my lap. Have to get a letter from my GP saying I can't attend.

It is possible to get the ESA, if you get rejected just keep trying!



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