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date for hysterectomy eeeeekkkk

hi all not posted for a while, in the time of my last post i have been suffering with my anxirty and depression getting worse part pains realated part due to having to face going to court april next year due to a sexual assault on me and the person in question pleading not guilty.

i dont know if its because my emotions are running high etc but my pains have just been getting worse, i was on 30mg morphine patches but i couldnt cope with the side effects so im on 20mg patches with naproxen when pain is extreme, im on 45mg mirtazipine (anti depresents). but hopefully all this pain, not being able to walk, not being able to be intimate with my husband, not having a life basically will soon be over.

i finally got the call ive been waiting since august for from the hospital. i am booked in for my hysterectomy on Monday 2nd November.

i am nervous, apprehensive,excited,scared, i just hope i wake and can start living my life again, be a mum again and be a wife again.

heres hoping.

love and healing to all.


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That's good news, is the hysterectomy for your endo, or another condition,

If it for your endo, please make sure they EXCISE all of your endo,

If this is not done properly, you could still be in pain after,

I'm 12 weeks post hyst, I needed it regardless due to adenomyosis, it has reduced my pains considerable but in not 100% pain free, as I beleive the consultant as not done a thorough job on my endo, I'm now being referred to a bsge clinic, to see a specialist in endo,

Is your op taking place at one of these centres or a gentral hospital?

Ive recovered well from op, I had a urine infection at week 4, but apart from that, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be,



Yep my bowel is stuck go my womb I'll be telling /asking them to make sure it is all removed. C


Good luck, and here's wishing for a speedy recovery,



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