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Prostap, TPE surgery?

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all as well as can be. As promised update below. I'm a little confused and anxious I may have not made the right decision.

As you know I'm seeing a great endo specialist privately thanks to my work helping out. Following my first consultation and exam he found nodules and suspected deep recto vaginal disease so requested I have an MRI with contrast dye and that he would prefer to then do an investigative lap, cystoscopy, colonoscopy (I think that's correct name) etc to see exactly what is going on to plan my excision surgery. I saw him yesterday for follow up and as expected endo could be seen on MRI with various nodules and adhesions. He has said to save me money we can go straight to excision surgery but he will prepare for worst case scenario. He will perform total peritoneal excision, remove adhesions, endo and attached ovary and various parts (bladder and bowel I think) He said more but I didn't take it all in. Things like shaving bowel, a complete wash out, stents and looking in bladder were mentioned. Sorry I should have taken notes.

However he said I should have a 3 month prostap injection to stop my ovaries to help during surgery. I had this injection yesterday and I'm now worried that this was the wrong decision after reading some horror stories here. What do you ladies think? I have absolute faith in my doc but was surprised when prostap was brought up as from reading various sites I thought we shouldn't take this before surgery. He did said if it was for an exploratory lap not a good idea but for my full surgery, TPE etc it is what he recommends. Any other ladies had this? All feedback good or bad most welcome.

TIA xx

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I had Prostap injections for four months and felt absolutely fine, in fact during my months on these injections I felt the best I had in years!!


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i have just put a post on too as my specialist offered me another prostap injection with hrt before my op. wasnt sure myself if that will make things easier or harder when it comes to the surgery. maybe because it sounds like u will be having extensive surgery it is necessary to help with removing from bowel etc.


Hi there SalC, you've almost just told my story! I had the same conversation with my consultant, am awaiting an mri and all of those 'oscopy operations that you mentioned. I was even diagnosed the same way having suffered years of 'bad periods'. Anyhoo, I'd read on here about people's consultants giving them treatment options and had thought 'oh no, I just want them to know what to do'. So when my consultant said the treatment plan I, although shocked initially by the idea of menopause, was happy to say yes. So I got it there and then. I also did exactly what you have and thought 'hang on!' and started searching for prostap on here but I stopped myself. We all react differently to things and I've never had a severe reaction to anything (touch wood) so thought let's just play it by ear.

2 weeks on and I'm starting to feel normal. Initially my pain was waking me in the early hours then following that I was feeling sick, almost like a hangover but I think now I'm on the other side of that. Tbh I'm not even sure if it's the prostap or the mild hrt that I've reacted to? There maybe more to come but I'll just have to see. I just remind myself that until I'm operated on this will at least stop me from getting any worse.

We honestly sound so similar, feel free to pm if you want to chat ( I'm sure I have plenty more boring tales 😜)


Ps. Sorry if you've already mentioned this but can you not be referred back to the nhs for the operations? I'm getting the take a look before the cut x


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