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I'm scared

Hello ladies. I'm looking for anyone who may be able to relate to my situation. I was diagnosed with stage two five years ago. It was burnt off and I went on my way. They found it on my right ovary and my ureters. I have been on a course of prostap over a year ago with slight improvement but my issue has always been pain. I am on 100mg mst. My recent worry that is really making me so concerned is that I have not had a period it four months. I have always had a monthly period so this very sudden. When I had an ultrasound a few months ago she found a small cyst on my ovary that she said she was not at all concerned about but I was booked in for a lap to see whats going on. That is in two weeks and I have been experiencing increased pain on both sides of my womb, almost deffo both ovaries, the bloating is terrible and also new to me and the pain nearly sent me to a and e. Oramorph just about dulled it down enough. Does anyone have a clue what is happening? I am so scared right now that it's ovarian cancer because its so different to normal. I'm petrified. Any advice would be welcomed. xxx

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Didn't want to read and run shame Hun, I once didn't have period for 9 months I was so freaked out I really thought I was going through the menopause or something as all test I had showed nothing, this was around 8 years ago and thinking back now it's probably always been endometriosis and they have just fob me of with painful periods, ibs, anxiety, migraines, thyroid problems always bloods came back levels fine, depression, not sleeping only now hospital say we think it's endo as been in the most horrendous pain in right side for 5 weeks today and no pain relief works, can't sleep, waiting for gynaecology appointment. Whilst in mean time been out on the pill for minimum 3 months to try stop my cycle and see if pain goes. Tonight I have slept on off no have woke, very sore, feeling very sick, headache and I'm frozen even with my pjs, house coat and fleece blanket. Try not to stress Hunni it sounds like you's endo has possible that it has come back poor you sending hugs xxxxxdd


Thank-you so much for replying . I can honestly say I never felt that it had fully gone, I've always just been in so much pain from very soon after my lap. Reading you're reply just sounds like me too. The depression is terrible, I'm a nurse and I've had to give up work for the time being, its not safe for me to be so spaced out and dealing with others meds! I'm genuinely so sorry for what you're going through too, half the battle is getting people to listen. I almost never went for my first lap because the gynecologist told me itwap psychological because I had watched my mom suffer! I was probably about ten and really didn't get that affected by it! I'm just going to have to hang in there for the next two weeks and hope that they can sort what they find. I'm leaning towards a hysterectomy at the moment, and whilst I know its not a cure for everything, it will certainly help the ovary pain. Keep in touch if you feel up to it. I would love to know how you get on. xxx


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