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Post-Op advice please

So had a successful lap and cyst removal yesterday feeling very tender today but its manageable. Not got much information other than I'm at the endo clinic in 6 weeks. I've not needed pain relief since 9pm last night and I've sent the hubby out to find me some wind-eeze/Gas-X (for the americans ) any tips to speed up recovery? Any do's or dont's? They told me nothing just signed me out and sent me hone last night (not that I mind nothing like your own bed)

Thanks girls xx

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Hi there good to hear your not in to much pain I would suggest you take it easy for the next few weeks no heavy lifting ect and shower don't bath for the first week more chance of getting infection soaking in water hope you have a speedy recovery xx

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Hi there, glad the op went well and hope your recovery continues to be as pain free as possible.

Definitely try take things easy, even if feeling brighter. I found with me that a day or 2 later it really hit me. Plus When started to feel bit better I probably then over did things. But do try and get up and walk a little around the house every few hours..even if it a shuffle around. Also don't lift or carry anything heavy for a little while.

I posted on here a long time ago about having a shower buddy with you, be it in the bathroom or outside the door, when you have your first shower after the op! They say you may feel a little light headed. I was glad I asked my husband to be in room with me. I was feeling fine during the shower. But when I got out I suddenly felt very nauseous, hot and light headed. I sat on the loo seat and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the bathroom floor with my husband saying "you are ok. You passed out. I caught you." It is an after result of the anesthetic. My shower was a couple of days after the op as well!

I hope this helps and wish you all the best. Hope you hear about the results soon.


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