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Second time round

Hi all I'm emily. A newbie to this site but am finding it really helpful. Basically my story is I was in a lot of pain for a year and a half after coming off the depo. As me and my husband are trying to get pregnant. I was taking tramadol daily as the pain was really bad, I also suffer with anxiety which has been heightened since all this started. I then had an lap beginning of year. I went private as was getting nowhere with NHS. My op was suppose to take an hour but 3 hours later I was awake. I was absolutely covered. And had it everywhere. And after long recovery and finally coming off the dreaded tramadol (which is horrible) I was feeling better until about 3 months ago. And been getting worse since. Mainly on my left side. I went back to my consultant and he has now advised I take 2 doses of zoladex to see if this helps (I'm thinking that won't help me get pregnant tho) and I had my first batch 3 weeks ago. Not liking the side effects one bit! But the pain is easing. So now I'm scared, has it grown back this quickly, will we ever get pregnant? I just want to get on with my life. Xx

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Hi - whether or not your endo was effectively treated will depend on whether you had your surgery with an endo specialist with advanced training beyond that of a general general gynaecologist. If you had it everywhere and have left sided pain it is likely to include rectovaginal endo. Three hours would not be excessively long for very complex endo surgery. Can you click on my name and look at my post on rectovaginal endo and the one on how to find a specialist. If you are in England take particular notice of the link to the NHS contract for severe endo. Private consultants wouldn't be obliged to comply with this but are still bound by guidelines that require complex surgery to be dealt with in a centre of excellence. x


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