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What can help the bloating??

I honestly just want to pop my belly to releas the pressure in my pelvis.

If you have seen any of my post you will prob be sick of me moaning about it. It is getting me sooo sooo down though. It's unbearable but I have no choice but to deal with it.

I don't eat any gluten, grains, soya, fatty food, processed food, take out food. Very little dairy, sugar and caffein. Everything is fresh homemade clean 60% veg!! I drink about 4 cups of peppermint tea a day. I even take peppermint oil and women vit tablets daily, Nothing is even slightly helping.

Willing to do anything! Any recommendations??

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Do you have a diagnosis of endo? Where is your endo located? My tummy was similar to yours before I had my lap but has been loads better since X


My stomach is often bloated and I have been taking peppermint capsules for a couple of months and seen a big improvement. If that's not working for you have you tried ginger at all? A friend recommended ginger as she found peppermint didn't work for her.


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