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Pain back after op 4 months ago

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with stage 3 endo in may. They only scrapoed bits off as they never got me to sign a form to go in via my vagina to remove it as its alk outside the womb. I was told the best thing for me was the zoladex injection along with daily tabkets to stop the menopausal symptons. I feel im back to day 1 with the pain. Struggling to walk at times with the lower tummy pains and no sleep. Im epileptic so sleeping properly is vital or fits come on. I have started uni and im now walking stupid amount of miles a day as ik commuting.....could this bother it? I walk everywhere just not as many miles as this but it could just be a coincidence.....any advice would be great please xx

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Hi - do you know where they found endo and can you describe your symptoms at any time of your cycle, not just at period time. Also where are you in the UK?


My symptoms are low back pain, and achy pain on my ledt hand side. I have cysts on my ovaries. So not sure if thata the achy pain. On my womb is where the endo is if i am correct x


Oh and lincolnshire...near peterborough


Hi - you are so young and have the chance to get right treatment now as you are in England and have access to NHS Choices that entitles you to see a specialist of your choice. I think it likely that you have rectovaginal endo as the pain with that is usually low back pain and pain on the left that gradually radiates to the leg if left to progress. You need referral to a specialist endo centre to stop this before it progresses further. Can you click on my name and look at my post on rectovaginal endo and the one on how to access a specialist centre.x

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I will do thank you. X


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