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Hi again,

4 weeks ago I had to have a emergancy d&c due to a lot of bleeding and placenta still inside (there was a lot it shocked the doctors!).

I thought I was getting better but I noticed a few days ago alot of discharge with blood (sorry for tmi!) I've also been getting a lot of pain where my endo is my tummy has been swollen I look like I'm pregnant again, my arms and legs have felt so weak and I just can't help but sleep :-(

My fiance doesnt understand he just says it's because I'm a new mum and because I was symptom free for 9 months says that I'm not as bad or worse than I was before, he just think im tired from looking after our son all day whilst he's at work.

I just feel so alone as I'm the only person in my family to have this so they don't understand how bad it gets :-(

I was just wondering if it's the endo flaring up again or if it could be something completely different, but have my 6 week check up at the doctors next week so will be mentioning this to them.

Thank you for your help & advise in advance & that you all have a lovely day xxx

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Do you have a high temp? It's quite common to have infections after birth, or a bit of placenta left behind.

Being a new mum is the biggest body show ever. I didn't know what trauma felt like until I had my first baby. It's very normally. And it takes your body quite a few weeks to recover, then adapt.

If you lost a lot of blood, you will take longer to recover. You may of actually needed a transfusion. Tell your MW or HV and she will be able to help.

your hormones will still be adapting and blood discharge is very common for at least 3months after birth so don't worry about it unless it smells bad or has large clots.

It's not likely to be endo yet, but at your 6 weeks check, it's a good time to sort out contraception that may help keep it at bay.

I personally don't think anyone can say how long it can take to return though, we are all different.

Tell your Dr everything and let people help. The more rest you have, the faster you will feel better and enjoy your precious son

Congratulations and all the best!! Feel better soon.


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