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Odd one for you

So last Friday I had a swab ( only 24) so today doctor rings home and tells my parents I need to ring back its urgent, so I ring and the receptionist hasn't got a clue and just says the doctors left a prescription here for you. So I go collect it ask the receptionist what it's for and she says a growth :/ so then I get the pills from chemist. 6:25pm doctor has rang my parents house again saying I need to ring only they close at 6:30pm :/ should I be worried? Is there anywhere I can go who would have access to my records I don't think I can wait all weekend.

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Is your surgery open at the weekend? Can I ask what the tablets were? Might be able to work it back from there


The receptionist should of told the Dr you were there especially as he needed to speak to you.


They are a joke my doctors honestly, I'm worrying like hell


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