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Consultant for Endo next week!

Hi all,

I've been having pelvic problems for the last few months, I managed to get pregnant back in May, but lost the baby in July. They reckon it was ectopic & all i was told was that I had PID & BV. I had alot of fluid in my uterus too, and all they could reassure me with was that 'at least one of your tubes are working' was treated for all of that, but the pain is getting worse & in other places.

Low abdomen, really bloated, stomachs gurgling, leg pain, cramps, stabbing pain, aches.. All sorts. My bladder & bowel have changed habits too & im an embarrased mess. I feel like i camt control it :( My doctor said shes 110% I have Endometriosis. So I'm having an urgent referral for gynae which is next Thursday to discuss and possibly be booked in for a laproscopy.

Will the look at my bowel and bladder too? I'm 22 & I'm absolutely terrified, I've never had surgery before.

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Hi - access to treatment depends on where in the UK you are. What area are you in?


I"m in Essex, will be having my consultation in Holly House Hospital x


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