2nd Laparoscopy

Am really new to this site and this is my first post so hoping this hasn't been asked too much already! I had my first laparoscopy when I was 17 and I was diagnosed with endo, at the time they said it wasn't severe enough to perform laser treatment and basically told me that I have to put up with it and just keep trying different medications, 5 years and lots of medication later I still suffer pretty badly and so have been referred back to the gynaecology clinic, I am not sure whether they will ask to do another laparoscopy or send me away yet but my worry is that I will have another operation and once again they will say it's not severe enough to treat. I understand the complications that come with it but I dont think I can take another 5 years of suffering, has anyone else had a similar experience and if anyone has had the laser treatment would you say it has improved your pain? Sorry for the big post!

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Hi - unfortunately your story is all too familiar. First of all treatment is based on pain so if contraceptives have not controlled your pain then the endo needs treating which means it needs removing (excising). In any event medical treatment can mask progression of disease. Your lap will have been done in general gynaecology and an added problem is that endo is often missed by them. I strongly suggest you now seek referral to a specialist centre. Can you describe the pain you get, whether at period time or other times and where are you in the UK.

I do take the contraceptive pills which helps to some extent although I do still suffer from pain whilst taking, but the main issue is when I have to have my break its unbearable. I am due to see the endometriosis specialist on Monday but I don't want to waste my time going into hospital and taking time off of work just for them to say "yes you still have it but no we are still not going to treat it" x

Is the specialist in a BSGE endo centre and not a general hospital?

No it's at a general hospital but he is apparently the endo specialist for this region

Hi - unfortunately all gynaecologists are referred to as 'specialists' but a specialist in endo has done additional training. By reference to laser in general gynaecology, this means ablation or burning of the surface of the endo which is only effective in the mildest cases so it is unlikely that it would have made any diffference even if it had been done. It needs to be excised by a skilled specialist with the extra training. As you are having pain despite all the hormone meds it sounds like you will have deeper endo that has been missed as it can remain unseen at a lap unless being carried out by someone highly skilled. You run the risk of having it missed again. We now have centres to try and prevent women being in the situation you are so I would recommend that you seek referral to one. If you still want to be seen in general gynaecology then I would suggest you google the specialist to ensure he has done excision training and is a member of the endoscopy societies. Click on my name and have a look at my post on finding a specialist.

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