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Depo injection has ruined my life

A drastic title I know, I had the depo injection for the first time just under 2 weeks ago to see if it decreases my discomfort which is now fairly constant left sided pain in groin, hip and buttock. I was stupid, I was desperate and my gp just said right let's try it, I was a week off getting my period when I had the injection. Since last Thursday I have become a mere shell of the person I was.

1. I have not slept, I spend all night tossing and turning with constant palpitations, I am really scared about this lack of sleep

2. The sciatic pain has trebled although the hip and thigh appear to have decreased slightly

3. i have had to be signed off work

I am stuck with this inside my body for 12 weeks, I don't think I can take that.

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i really feel for u. i have been the same myself. it was a last ditch effort to see if things improved and although i have had some relief from the pain and heavy bleeding the side effects have been unbareable. the first 4/6 weeks were worst. had a couple of good weeks but now side effects are creeping in again. it has also made me very depressed :-(

i wont be having another one. sending u hugs


It looks like we live mirrored lives unfortunately. I'm on my 8th week. The injection was literally my last option except for another lap:/ it's such a double ended sword.. Like my pain is somewhat better, but everything else is absolute hell. The whole point of the shot was to get me more functional, but the side effects are so horrible that I'm even less functional than I was before! ugh. Sometimes with endometriosis it feels like you just can't win. thank god we all have each other, it's what keeps me fighting!👊🏼💪🏼

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Hi - I can't really help with the injection issue other than it will have unbalanced your hormones and maybe they need to adjust. But I have looked through your posts and you have classic symptoms of rectovaginal endo. When you had your lap it was known that endo remained and it will have progressed as I guess you are all too aware of from your pain. Your GP should be referring you to a specialist endo centre not injecting you with hormone meds which are likely to have little effect on your pain as it is likely to be from scar tissue and nerve involvement that are not to do with hormones.

Can you click on my name and have a look at my post on rectovaginal endo as I think you will identify with it, and the one on how to find a specialist centre. Where in the UK are you?


Im so sorry and I know it won't heal you now but for anyone else who is new to depo, there is a monthly one. i started on these as I didn't know if it would agree with me. Im so sorry you didn't get this choice as it would have been easier. Xxx


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