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Has anyone had surgery to separate their ovaries from the uterus. I had laproscopy and red dye surgery about two weeks ago and still recovering from it. They found out my ovaries were attached to my uterus. I am still waiting to find out what the next step will be. Been trying to have a baby for 2years. I am seeing my gyne on 6 of October to find out more. Any help/advice will be appreciated. Thank you all.

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Hi, do you mean that your ovaries are stuck to the wall of your uterus? If that is the case then yes one of mine has been and it was separated from the uterus during my excision lap. I also had an endometrioma on that ovary (I think) that was drained and cut away. It was all done as part of the same lap. Hope this helps, best wishes.


Hello Pands,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I was told that both my ovaries are stuck to my uterus and I may need further surgery. I am seeing my gyne on the 6th of October so will learn more. Trying to stay positive.


I hope your appointment goes well on 6th - all the waiting doesn't help. yes I imagine you will need a surgical lap but I had good results from mine and my ovary was fine afterwards. Best wishes.


Morning Everyone,

I am looking for some advice this morning. I had laproscopy and red dye surgery about 4 weeks ago and my follow up appointment with my gyne was yesterday. During the laproscopy they found out that my ovaries were stuck to the back of my uterus/womb. I have been trying to conceive for the last two years if not more and not been successful. Yesterday they decided not to do any further surgery for now, even though i have advanced form of endometriosis and finally offered me IVF, which I am happy about.

I am wondering if any of you ladies have been in similar situation or gone through the process of IVF.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you all.


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