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Help finding specialist

Hi. I have just been sent a message saying my post has been removed

:(. I was just asking if anyone knew if the hospital I'm having lap done is a specialist place. I didnt mention any names of surgeons ect!! They said to look on the BSGE Which I have and this is useless. How the hell am I ment to find out where a specialist is??

Not sure what to do as I'm really worried about having lap done and want to make sure they look properly as I think I have endo in pod. Docs just say it's a good place and they will treat any endo they find. I'm not sure they know what they are talking about as when I tell them about my pains down my legs they look at me like I'm crazy!!

Any help would be great. Thanks xx

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Hello. Actually the BSGE website is very helpful. It lists endometriosis specialists, colorectal surgeons, urologists, pain specialists and specialist endometriosis nurses for ALL the specialist endometriosis centres across the country. How is that useless?! I suggest you revisit it...


Hi - can you click on my name and have a look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo and the one on how to find a specialist. It should be easy to see if your hospital is on the BSGE list and whether the surgeon doing your lap is listed. Treatment options vary according to where in the UK you are, but rectovaginal endo must only be operated on by a specialist endo surgeon who has done at least 2 years specialist training (beyond that of a gynaecologist) wherever you are. This is laid down and your GP should know this. It is up to you to ensure you are treated appropriately and the means are in place for you to take charge. Private message me if you need help.


Hi lindle. Thanks for your message. I will have another look on BSGE website I looked the other day and it seemed very confusing. I just want to make sure they know what they are doing and they don't seem to be very helpful at the moment xx


Hi - as you have such lack of confidence in those supposedly treating you then your instincts are probably right and I would recommend that you absolutely don't let them operate on you without knowing they are fully qualified to do so. This is the specialist course that a specialist must have undertaken before attempting rectovaginal endo surgery:


The problem with POD endo is that it can all look normal to a general gynae. There can be adhesions that can look like a false floor under which hidden endo lurks so with suspected POD endo it is all the more important to be seen in a specialist centre. Regardless of where you are in the UK this training requirement applies, but you have easier access to centres in England due to NHS Choices. Don't be afraid to present your GP with a copy of this and the BSGE list and insist that he/she confirms in writing that the surgeon has this qualification. If you are in England it really is best to do the research yourself and tell them who you will be seeing. They can't argue. As I said before pm me if you need help. x


If you go to the BSGE website and to the menu tab "Endometriosis Centres" down to the third option "BSGE accredited Endometriosis Centres" it will list all the hospitals who have gained accreditation. Having had rectovaginal endo, it is imperative you see an expert and not a general gynaecologist. From my experience, you have to do the groundwork and research yourself, as you sadly get little help, however, if you're prepared to do the work, continually ask questions, do your research and be firm in who you see, you will get there. Don't be fobbed off by anyone. You have to keep fighting, and, from experience, unfortunately the answers don't just land on your lap. Also, an expert wouldn't dismiss leg pain. It is all interlinked with endo.


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