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Endo progression


I have just had my endo diagnosis confirmed via surgery. endo on my left uterosacral (?) Ligament and my fallopian tube was stuck to my bowel, I was told that I am at stage 1. My question is can someone go from stage 1 to stage 4? can it spread ?Also I have been having symptoms for 15 years, I was surprised when I was told stage 1. Is it possible I have had endometriosis for this long without it progressing? It's a bit confusing. Thanks in advance. X

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Hi - I just looked through your previous posts. Treatment options vary depending on where you are in the UK. What area sre you in?


I'm in Cumbria but I was operated on in Middlesbrough.


Hi - that is good news being in England as you have access to NHS choices and can see any specialist of your choice for a second opinion. You need to be seen in a centre for endo as it is very common for deep endo to be missed in general gynaecology. I'll private message you.


Hi Rach, the stages confused me too I'm stage 2 but the specialist who did my lap told me the endo was extensive and widespread so would be interested to know whether it can progress as well (I assume it can =S).

They are rated on whether there are adhesions and if they have gone through any other tissue/organs. Some people's can penetrate through their bowel and things :(

Hope you get the answers your looking for soon

Hollie x


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