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2nd laparoscopy


I have been going to my doctor for the past 4 and a half years with severe pain in my abdomen, especially during intercourse. I had a laparoscopy in 2012 which resulted in nothing.

In June I decided to go to private and I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, I am only 20. I am going for my second laparoscopy next week and I would love to know how you found the improvement to both physically and mentally.

I'm finding it very difficult to talk about it with my partner. I feel very alone and have lost so much confidence. Which has resulted in me being very distant towards him.

I would appreciate any advice,

Thank you x

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Once you've recovered from lap you will get approx 2-3yrs of mild/moderate pain before it all comes crashing back to the start.

Sorry to sound dramatic but that's what I feel like today!

Having all sorts of problems lately with kidney function & all sorts!

Good Luck & best idea to go private if you can as things will b done quicker unlike most ladies on here suffered from when they started periods like me until I was diagnosed at 24. Shocking!


Hi Harriet

There is absolutely no way of predicting or generalising an individual's recover or outcome from a lap so please don't be alarmed by the previous reply. Neither is it to do with going private or on the NHS. It is about who you see and whether they are qualified to deal with you. Going to a general gynaecologist with no specialist training in endo is going to be the same whether you are seen privately or on the NHS.

If you have pain on sex you are likely to have other pain such as lower back pain, perhaps pain going into your thighs and legs and maybe IBS type symptoms. This could mean that you have rectovaginal endo which is very often missed at a lap in general gynaecologist. A specialist needs to have at least 2 years specialist training beyond that of the normal gynae training to tackle rectovaginal endo and this is why so many women have lap after lap because each time they are not treated thoroughly. Do you know where endo was found at the first lap?

Can you click on my name and look at my post on rectovaginal endo to see what you identify with and the one on finding a specialist. Do you know if you are being treated by a specialist who works in a centre? x



Thank you for your response.

I am in private care and have been funded by the NHS, they are specialist in gyne where I live.

My first lap the endo wasn't found, it was only discovered during a scan when they found cysts a couple of months ago.

Thank you I will have a look at your post :)



Hi - it's just important to distinguish between a gynaecological specialist who deals with endo as part of gynaecology and an endo specialist. They are very different. x


It may help to read this before you discuss surgery so that you can think of what questions you might want to ask the surgeon. Sometimes there are ovarian cysts due to endometriosis AND recto vaginal endometriosis coexisting. Is the laparoscopy you are having diagnostic or therapeutic ? By this I mean are they having a look or will they be removing endometriosis at the same time ? If the latter I would ask how they intend to remove it as some techniques may be more effective. There is a balance here , you are young so fertility is something to consider. The pages below may help with things to ask about.


This may help with questions about laparoscopy



I/we understand how you feel I ve had a rough few years however I had surgery in June at a endo treatment centre and I'm the best

I have been in 4+ years! There is hope... I do know that it will never be completely cured but I have decided that when I'm having a low pain time to enjoy it and make the most of it :@)

I currently have the mirena coil fitted which has stopped my periods which is why I believe that the combination of surgery and the coil has allowed me to go from my pain peaking at a 10 to now 4 maximum!

So my best advice to you is to see which pill/coil works for you as that will hold back it getting any worse.

Good luck

Sharon x x


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