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Is it back?

Hi all,

I posted on here just a few days ago as I was experiencing more endo pain after a good couple of years pain free.

I went to see my Dr last week who said that he thought it was unlikely as I have had a laparoscopy and have been on Cerazette ever since. He prescribed me antibiotics and pain killers in order to rule out it being an infection but nothing has improved. I haven't experienced any bleeding but everything else seems the same - pain from ribs to thighs, cramps and constipation. He did say that if it hadn't improved he would refer me to a specialist clinic but I don't want him to do that if the endometriosis cant have retuned without any bleeding and waste their time. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? I'm starting to feel like I am losing my mind!

Thanks in advance


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Hi I felt like this late summer of 2014 and found it very hard to even think that endo could be back. Periods were very irregular b and the pain was the worst

In Jan 2015 after diag lap they said I had mild endo adhesions and mybowel and womb were attached (this was the worst bitbit but I glad to say I am nearly 2 weeks post op and starting to feel better

Take care


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Endo can grow even while on the progesterone b.c. pill because your body still has estrogen in it to feed the endo. It might grow slower, but it will still grow. Just like if you were on a estrogen based pill. Even if your ovaries were removed, you can still have endo growing. Because your fat stores estrogen and I think the adrenal glands (I can't remember exactly. I looked all this stuff up last year when I was diagnosed. I am pretty sure I know more then my obgyn at this point). There are stories of women who have gone through menopause and still have endo pain and growth. Shoot women who are pregnant can have pain, and that is touted to be the cure-all.

Anyways, what does your lap have to do with anything? Does your dr think because you have one lap that the endo can never ever come back? You should show him some of the support groups and see how many most of us has had. Personally I think it's back. It sounds like your pills slowed down the growth for a few years, but now it's to the point of you need it removed. I am sad for you that it has come back.

Good luck with your battle of the wills with your dr. I hope you win. ;)

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It's frightening how little so-called medical experts seem to know isn't it? It leaves you fighting a constant battle for people to hear you. I remembered the pain as soon as it returned and in some small way I am relieved that is probably endo...better the devil you know and all that.

I will be seeing my GP on Monday so will push to be referred to a specialist and get this sorted once and for all. I think he didn't want to send me for another lap as he knows I want children soon and didn't want to cause too much damage but personally I would like this looked at before I come off my pill and get the wheels in motion.

Thanks for your comments, this forum is a real comfort, just wish I had found it sooner!


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