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Endo problems but Too fat for laparoscopy!!

Hi Everyone

I'm new to this but have been reading lots of posts with great interest to try and find out if I have Endometriosis as I have been having problems for more than a year and my gynae consultant is awful. Following months of leftsided pain and dreadful painful periods I have been diagnosed with "possible" Adenomyosis although the consultant seems reluctant to say that I actually have it, (endometrial nests found on MRI). I have been told in no uncertain terms that my Bmi of 45 is too high to be considered for an investigative laporoscopy for endo. They are trying to make me have the Mirena and I have also tried Prostap but that made me practically suicidal!

At the moment I am suffering from rectal pain and problems passing stool. It also hurts like hell when I pass wind. This has just started out Of the blue in the last two months so I seem to be getting different problems coming up all the time.

I have paid to see a private gastro doc who is doing another MRI as he doubts the skill of the person reporting on the first scan and wants to see if I have any Endo showing up

Heck I'm waffling - it's been a long year of tests and no results, sorry! what I really want to know is are there any not so slim ladies out there who have had surgery and did it cause problems? I am losing weight but it doesn't happen that fast and I'm scared. Feeling very down that i can't be treated because of my weight it seems unfair.

Thanks for reading xx


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I'm having surgery after my mri showed fibroids and an endimetrioma equating to six months pregnant which is impacting on my bowel and kidney, he has asked me to loose weight but didn't say how much. My bmi is similar to yours.

I'm at a specialist endo centre which is local to me so that may have made a difference!

Hope you get what you need, do you have a specialist centre near you?


Hi Charliecoffee

Thanks for your reply. Im sorry you are having problems too but it sounds like you are getting results so having a good specialist must make a difference. I haven't got as far as a specialist centre yet as I've just been under the general Gynae from our local hospital but my gastro doc has written to my GP stating that it is important that I be tested for endometriosis again as im having awful rectal pain now, and so I am going to ask for referral. My nearest hospital with and endo centre is 45 miles away but it has shocking ratings so I'm going to go to one a little further away with great ratings. I have been doing some research about overweight patients and laparoscopy procedures and everything I've read so far states that statistically the outcomes are the same in both normal weight and overweight patients and that there is no increased incidence of complications just because a person in overweight so hopefully that puts larger ladies minds to rest! I think my gynae just doesn't have a clue so using my weight as a barrier to investigations

Anyway thanks again. Let me know how you get on and hope you get sorted very soon xx


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