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Is it coming back? AGAIN!!

Hello, I'm after some advice really, if anyone can help..................... I had my third laposcopy in march to remove endometriosis and was told I could have ibs. I had a forced period last month to check my fertility but other then that one period, I haven't had one for years, the thing is I'm starting to hurt again, I'm getting pains in my lower back as well as in my sides and lower stomach and I am huge, (bloated, I look about 3 month pregnant,have been for 3 weeks,) but my eating habits haven't changed, if anything I have ate less over last 3 days due to the pain killers, i just wondered if anyone else has experienced this, my fertility doctor says it carnt be endometriosis as I don't have periods, but if that is the case then how come I had some removed in March? Having not had periods previously for a few years? Could it be coming back after such a short time? Or is it ibs? Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks in advance x

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Hey.. I'm unsure. But when I had an ovary cyst I was huge too looked at least 3 months pregnant. It was also very painful and made me sick. or it could be your endo coming back. Sorry I'm not much help x


Hi there

So sorry you are suffering. If I were you I would see another doctor. I have had very few periods (less than 5) in the last 3 years as I am on the implant. This hasn't stopped my endo progressing to stage 4. Like you I have bloating and back pain, and I had 2 laparoscopies last year alone to remove endo. It's now back again along with ovarian cysts. I am on the waiting list to have a hysterectomy and have my colon removed from my uterus. Perhaps see your gp and ask to be referred to an endo specialist centre, if you are not at one already, to continue your treatment. There is a lady on here called Lindle who is fab, and has the list of centres.

Take care X


Thanks for your reply! I am currently under a specialist endo clinic that Lindle suggested, so maybe I just need to contact them and ask for another appointment as I didn't get a follow up. I just worry I will be told it carnt be endometriosis as I have no periods. We r trying for another baby (had fertility checks and I haven't gone thro the change) so not sure if there is anything else they can do. The bloating is driving me mad!



Give them a call. That's what they are there for. And if nothing else, it will put your mind at rest.

Good luck X

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