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Am I unusual ?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 7 yrs ago following a laparotomy. I have I have been suffering with pain most days since I came off a 7 mth course of prostrap. I rarely bleed so my pain isn't linked to menstruating (which my guyni says is unusual). Instead I have excruciating back pain that starts low dow, spreads round to my pelvis then quickly travels up to just below my shoulder bones. Sometimes it's hard to know which hurts more, my back or pelvic pain. Please get in touch if you have anything similar. It has to be endo related back pain as it only hurts so badly during an attack. Ps any advice on effective pain killers ?. I currently take naproxin as an anti inflammatory, coidene & zomorph. They just dont work very well. I've exhausted most treatments and don't know where to turn next. Ps sorry if this doesn't read well. I'm on lots of meds at the mo and in pain.

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Hi - do you know where endo was found at your lap 7 years ago and what was done? Do you have any chest pain, pain under the ribs or pain on breathing when you have an attack?


It's not unusual to have back pain. I was only diagnosed after having months of continuous back pain, leg pain and foot pain. I still often have some back pain.


Hi, for me the worst symptom was always back pain, it got to a point were it was constant plus I also had really bad flares were the pain got so bad I ended up on a&e. I had surgery for endo at the end of last year and the pain in my back is gone now. My pain was in my lower back and will spread around my hip bones. I had a large endo nodule between my uterus and my bowel that used to press in the bowel, and that in turn on my spine I think producing most of the pain. I had pain every day at some point and the worst of the pain was usually after my period not during. I used heat patches constantly and tradamol and naproxen but none of those will control it when it got really bad. Have you seen a specialist recently? It might be worth try to get a referral to a specialist centre xxx


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