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Not sure whether to have lap or not

Hello, I'm sorry if I sound like I'm moaning or sound ungrateful, I really don't mean to. I have fought for around 18 months for a diagnosis of endo. I was constantly fobbed off and was told to try this painkiller and that painkiller etc. we have also been trying for a baby for over 2.5 years with no success. We have a 6 year old already. I am so absolutely terrified of having the lap, I have basically talked myself out of it. I've also been suffering less symptoms then I did before. I really don't know what to do. I've had my appointment for my pre-op through for later this month. Can I talk about my concerns with them there? I've never had an op where I've been asleep and as soon as the risks where mentioned to me that's all I've been thinking about.

Is time I just man up? Have any of you had the same thoughts before you laps?

Sorry for the moan but any advice would be much appreciated



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Hi jade, I am 29 years old and have had endometriosis for 5 years and have had 2 laparoscopies. The last one I had was 2 years ago I also had the coil fitted. Having the operations were pretty tough on my body at a young age but the pain I was going through in ever day life wasn't worth keep going through. My first op was in 2011 and they layered the endometriosis away, unfortunately it came back again quite bad in 2013 where I had to have another laparoscopy and they put the coil in me as this helps too to prevent endo.... Unfortunately for me I've recently been having the same pains and swollen stomach and constant bleeding have returned and my next option looks to be a hysterectomy which is absolutely devastated me. As for the operations they did help me and as much as it caused me to be in a little discomfort and pain for a week or so it was worth it.... Unfortunately my endometriosis is on the severe side and this method hasn't worked for me but I would advise it if it's affecting your life to go for the laparoscopy as it could help you conceive once the cells have been layered away. Maybe ask for more info from your surgeon if you feel unsure. X

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