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Does anyone else suffer from vaginal scar tissue after lap to remove endo from pouch of douglas?

I had a lap about 18 months ago to remove endo largely located in my pouch of Douglas. In the last few months I have been having pain almost every time I have sex and often have a 'pulling' sensation after emptying my bladder.

I went to the doctor and she said that I had quite a bit of scar tissue up my vagina and some of it was pulling at my womb.

Today I had a pelvic ultrasound and it was pretty uncomfortable and have been lying on the sofa with a hot water bottle and pain killers all evening.

I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered from scar tissue in their vagina after having their endo removed and if it has caused them problems. It's beginning to really get me down!

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Scar tissue is also called adhesions. It is a horrible irony of any surgery that adhesions can form post operatively, particularly after abdominal surgery. As far as I am aware it is not known precisely why they occur although the skill of the surgeon often helps in reducing the liklihood of adhesions as well as applying barriers during surgery to prevent their formation. Doctors say that some people are more prone to developing adhesions but I suspect that's doctor speak for blaming the patient to cover up their own lack if skill. They can grow larger over time (the adhesions that is, not the doctor although the doctor's ego can grow larger over time).

There is a possibility the endo was not properly removed and has developed again so this should be considered. Some accredited endo specialists use the lazy method of laser to remove endo which is inferior to surgical cutting which requires more skill. Laser removal often results in the return of endo as I discovered to my cost. I did not return to my initial endo specialist and switched to a better endo specialist who used surgical excision. Not all endo specialists are equal as several people on this forum have pointed out.

There is an enzyme called serrapeptase which is often used post surgery in Germany and Japan to dissolve any adhesions that could form immediately after surgery so if you consider further surgery to deal with this please look into it and get help with it from a qualified naturopath. Doctors in the UK are not really experienced in using it.

So my questions are:

Was your surgeon an accredited endo specialist?

What method was used to remove the endo?

What did your doctor propose to do about the adhesions?


Hi Brownlow - thank you for your reply.

My surgeon was an accredited endo specialist, and I was at a hospital which has a good reputation for dealing with it. I believe had laser to remove the endo, and to be honest I did not even know you could do surgical cutting to take it out. My doctor basically said that I could have more surgery to see what they could do about it, or the pelvic scan, which is what I opted for.

Thank you again for you reply.


Does serrapeptase work for people that have scar tissue from a surgery the had years ago?


Yes RoseTM, I believe it can but I have no experience with this. Worth a try even if it is a little expensive. I did take it for a few weeks post surgery and I think it made me a bit dizzy but hard to know if the serrapeptase was the cause. I believe it has some blood thinning properties so that might explain.


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