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Severe period pain 2 months into zoladex treatment

Hi ive just had the most severe period pain ever and im 2 months into my zoladex treatment, my pain is normally very bad but it reached a new level and i nearly went to hospital on friday! its eased off now and im able to walk again thankfully! I havent been bleeding i also have a coil which ive had for 3 years. I've just had my third shot [ which will be my last if this doesnt work] im just wandering if anyone has had this much pain whilst on zoladex i saw my gp earlier but she didnt know she just gave me tramadol to take if it gets that bad again.

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Hi Charlie - I just read your first post and it sounds pretty certain you have rectovaginal endo and Zoladex is unlikely to do much for this as the pain is likely to be caused by adhesions pulling on organs and endo nodules pressing on nerves. If you had your lap in general gynaecology you should have been referred straight to an endo centre for thorough excision. Can you click on my name and look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo which I think you will identify with. Where in the UK are you?


Hi Lindle - thanks so much for replying. Ive just had a look on your post on Pouch of Douglas and apart from back ache I can defenately relate to all symptoms. In the last few months i have also been having alot of pain after a bowel movement which i didnt used to get. I also had rectal examination 2 weeks ago by gp as i had 2 occassions of a browney liquid with a bowel movement after my 1st and 2nd shot of zoladex [ not vaginally] . After this very short examination i had a terrible flare up of disabling pain which lasted a few days.

Im in hertfordshire and I did go to endo centre in london in Jan, they did a transvaginal scan and they said they couldnt see any endo so they sent me off to pain clinic, the scan set of another disabling flare up and i was just left dissapointed that they couldnt see anything. Would they be able to see everything in that sort of scan, just looking at the report the registrar has said that the pouch of douglas appeared free of adhesions.

Thanks again for responding X


Hi - an ultrasound can sometimes show dense adhesions but it could never be used to rule out endo. You could have deep nodules that wouldn't be associated with adhesions or any amount of peritoneal endo that wouldn't show up. I can't believe a centre did that. Even in general gynaecology you are entitled to a lap for suspected endo. Will private message you. x


It seems ridiculous to just send you to a pain clinic, without doing a laparoscopy to find out exactly what is going on first. You are not the only one sadly, several others have had issues there because they are using ultrasounds to diagnose (and with other things too). I know the technology is improving, and technicians are becoming better at reading ultrasounds for endo. But there's no way they should be thinking they are accurate enough to rule endo out if it's not seen on one.



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