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Endo help?

I'm 18 and I just had the surgery to remove my endometriosis. Let me tell you that was scary to be told two days before said surgery that I needed it right away.... I'm currently healing but something just doesn't seem right. I can't get up to walk short distances without throwing up or passing out and I can't figure out why. Did anyone else have this issue as well? Also should I be worried about the visible bruises and everything being swollen? Whatever you can tell me will help. Thank you!


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Visible bruising and feeling swollen is normal after a laparoscopy, as is having difficulty moving about etc.

A lot of vomiting and passing out isn't! You might have had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic, or you could have an infection or something unrelated to the surgery. See your gp straight away!

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Hi . I hope your feeling a little better today.

The swelling and bruising is normal, moving is difficult and uncomfortable.

As apple bird said get to your GP. I picked up an infection and felt sick ( but wasn't) as soon as I was given antibiotics felt so much better.

Ring 111 and they will put you in contact with your local emergency doctor today. ( are you in uk)

Also be careful with pain killers taking to many can make you ill. ( ibuprofen as strip your stomach lining, try to take with milk or food)


Hi I am day 4 post surgery I had endo removed from my bladder and adhesions separated that were attached to bowel wall and I have a nice black,blue and yellow bruised stomach and look 6 months pregnant all perfectly normal this was my 4th lap. The sickness could be a reaction to the anesthetiser it's amazing how long it stays in our bodies for as I am still feeling light headed but to be vomiting so much could be a sign of an infection I would ring your GP for reassurance assuming you are in England and being its a Bank holiday you might need to be seen in the out of hours surgery. Wishing you well soon :-)


Bruising and swelling is normal. Feeling nauseous /dizzy is possible - particularly if you are taking painkillers that you are not used to (try and make sure you eat a little with meds). However, constantly vomiting and passing out is not normal. Normally I'd say contact the hospital where you had surgery - if you had the op a few days ago. However, you could also ring 111 for advice. Passing out may indicate that you have an issue with your blood pressure. Either way, contact someone.


Hey hun I was very sicky after my lap as I just don't react very well to the anaesthetic. It took me a few days to get over the sickness even though I was taking regular cyclizine. I would get some advice on the passing out though hun maybe ring the ward that you had your op on they should be able to advise you. Hope you start to feel better soon xx


Hi there yes those things your got are normally what happens after endometriosis surgery.. I'm telling you this from experience I've had endometriosis many times and I still keep getting it .. I'm having surgery this week for endometriosis so I feel your pain your in atm. But if your still getting those issues and your worried about It I suggest you go back to your doctor because only you know your body and what's normal for you.

All the best hope you get better soon 💕


Hi, everybody is different and not all experience surgery the same. I too have had multiple surgeries to remove endo, the last one detaching certain organs that had been stuck with endo which was one of the worst and I would say unusual for an endo sufferer. A day after my op something didn't feel right, two days even worse but I thought I would muddle through until day 5 where I couldn't do anything. I was certain I had got an infection so went to a&e. Turns out I did have an infection but more mind blowing, confusing and incredible is I was actually pregnant. They did a test before the op which was negative obviously so must have been very very early days. My advice would be to see a gp or another professional, I would prefer to take 10mins of someones time to be told everything is OK than to leave it and an infection or something else to unnoticed.

Hope you get the help you need and feel better soon x


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