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Advice please - Endometriosis with PGP

I had surgery for endometriosis six years ago, followed by an induced menopause. The treatment was successful and I was able to have a baby girl shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, I developed severe Pelvic Girdle Pain during the pregnancy that didn't go away afterwards. My daughter was delivered by elective C-section. The pain was acute for a few years. I used a wheelchair. I've recently got much better and am able to do short walks now, but I'm still disabled and probably always will be, to some extent. MRI scans have shown pubis osteitis, pelvic instability and bone changes at the pubic symphysis. I'm hopeful that the inflammation (pubis osteitis) has died down now and that's why things are better. However, over the last few months I've been having some signs of endometriosis again - more bloating than usual, painful periods, some irregularity in the cycle and pain throughout the month. Given that pubis osteitis is a risk associated with a laparoscopy, I cannot contemplate having one and returning to that dark place of constant pain and disability. I cannot do it to my husband and children either. Is there a way to control endometriosis without surgery? What can I try? Thank you to anyone who can advise me, I really do appreciate it.

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Hi, so sorry to hear all you've been through. I've found the endo diet has helped me (see endo resolved website).

Also started acupuncture and massage -amazing - sleeping better, happier, more comfortable!

Hope that helps xx


Thank you for this advice applebird :)


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