I've recently been diagnosed with adenomyosis which is when the endometrio is growing into the muscle wall of the uterus.I've at the moment had an injection 3month prostap to see if it helps with pain I suffer ,if after the 3 month its found to of helped I will be put on list for full hysterectomy. Adenomyosis is something I had never heard of,is there any more sufferers on here.Thanks Sue

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Hi - adeno is thought to be a form of endo so they often co-exist. You might find this useful:


Hey, I have adenomyosis, diagnosed at 27. No kids so they won't sign off on hyst. I've been on prostap and it helped me. From what I've heard from other sufferers having a hyst greatly improved their quality of life, but it's a very personal decision and one you have to be ready for. You certainly aren't alone! Xx

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