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Hello my name is Ingrid and I am 43 y/o and recently diagnosed with adenomyosis after having severe bladder, back, hip and siactica pain for the past year. I do not get my period any longer as of 4 years ago due to an ablation that I had done but it seemed that my black a new bladder pain returned with a vengeance. I went to a back specialist and was told I have bulging disc but they wouldn't operate. Now do with adenomyosis only makes me think that the pain I'm living with was this all along. This is affecting my life to the point that I can't stand, sit, walk too long and that is a big problem being that I am a nurse. I feel hopeless because I can't find someone to help me without judging all my symptoms.

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Are you in UK,

Are you under a gyne for adenomyosis,??

I was diagnosed with adenomyosis last march, and had a hysterectomy in July last year, unfortunately I also have endometreosis and am still in pain from that, but my back pain is loads better,

Have you been offered a hysterectomy???



I'm not in the uk. I was offered Lipton injections but refused to me on hormones. I have an appointment in 2 weeks. With a new gone who specializes in adenomyosis and endometriosis. If hysterectomy is offered I'm going to do it. I am in so much pain.


Lupron injections lol


A hysterectomy is a cure for adenomyosis but not for endo, so you need to make sure he excises all your endo at the same to.e, xx


Hi Ingrid. Sorry you are suffering so badly. All I can suggest is keep pushing for tests and diagnoses. I suffered for far too long. I was only diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis post hysterectomy. For years I suffered terrible pelvice pain and chronic constipation. Turns out I had been suffering for cyclical partial bowel obstruction for YEARS. There are pelvic pain clinics that offer physiotherapy and therapeutic massage for pain. If you haven't already please push for the treatments that you deserve. Wishing you luck! Julie x


Same here Ingrid, hysterectomy planned for September but so worried its all for nothing. Don't seem to ever get anywhere!! really don't want to go through a hysterectomy but seems like a doomed if I do or don't all I have ever had is a shrug and that's when I have adeno confirmed.


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