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Visanne anyone?

Hi everyone!

So I need some serious answers here as I'm really struggling with my endo. For the last two years I've been on seasonale (also known as seasonique) and took it continuously having no periods, only breakthrough bleeding/occasional spotting, which was great. I just seen my specialist and she recommended I try visanne as my symptoms are now coming back. I am on my period now giving myself a 5 day break and just took my first visanne pill. Does anyone know how long it will be before I stop bleeding? When will my period finally stop? Those are my main questions but any additional advice and personal experience on visanne would be greatly appreciate!

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The effect of contraceptives varies among women depending on natural hormone levels so it might not necessarily stop your periods altogether. Others might be able to share their experiences. But hormone pills are only the first course of treatment that aim to halt or slow the growth of of endo by reducing oestrogen levels and reducing period symptoms. If they become ineffective surgical intervention would usually be recommended. I assume you were diagnosed by a lap - now long ago was this, where was your endo found and what was done? What are your symptoms and do you get pain at times other than your period? The likely benefit of hormone meds will depend on the situation regarding your endo.


Hi, I was lucky. Had a normal period and then no bleeding for six months, apart from a tiny spot on a couple of days. It helped the pain while waiting for surgery. Hope it helps you.


Hi there. My specialist put me on Visanne after having a Mirena fitted last December during my second lap where they removed a second rather large endometrioma on my left ovary, which unfortunately also had to go due to being so damaged by the build up. I was originally put on Primulot for 3 months following the lap in addition to the Mirena to stop the bleeding, but this didn't seem to help and in fact caused me more problems through hair loss and irritability. So my specialist suggested Visanne, which had only just come out over here (I live in Australia) and touch wood, it has worked, i.e. no more heavy periods, the occasional spotting which I can live with and no more hair loss, moodiness, etc. It is also a lower dose at 2mg than my previous hormone at 5 mg so maybe this has something to do with it too.

But like previous replies have said, everyone is different and therefore will react to hormones and treatments in different ways so it's really finding out what works for you. Hope this helps, best of luck. x


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