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Hi I've been cutting things from my diet for the last year. Wheat, soya, barley, alcohol and chocolate. The next one is Coffee. I have a 2 per day (sometimes 3). Was at my sisters and she had decaf and it wasn't that bad, if I didn't know I probably wouldn't have been able to tell.

Is it worth switching to decaf? There is conflicting reports online.

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  • Hi I have recently switched to decaf tea and coffee and I prefer it . Don't know whether it makes too much difference to the endo but it certainly won't hurt. God luck

  • I'd say go for it! I've cut out caffeine and now drink herbal teas - mainly peppermint in the day and chamomile at night - it's really helped! X

  • Definately cutting out caffeine is a good idea.

  • I would Defo avoid caffeine. A great coffee replacement is chickory. Contains inulin which is great probiotics for the hut health and it tastes pretty good. I have with homemade almond milk mutually sweetened with ground vanilla bean :-)

  • Home made almond and vanilla bean. Yum. Are you in London and can you sell your product.??? I tried the supermarket almond milk but I am allergic, was coughing alot for days. Not sure if it's the ingredients or almond itself because I am not allergic to nuts.

  • Good for you!! Well done

  • Hi Sam, are you Sam from Fife? It's been really difficult but getting there. How are things with you? x

  • Yeah that's me.

    It is hard. I have cut wheat, barley, soya and anything that's not natural. And cut down a lot on dairy, sugar, alcohol. It wouldn't be realistic for me to cut it all out. However it has made no differents to me. I am even putting on weight now.

    I'm just the same really. Still fighting for some sore of treatment. New gynae told me it was all in my head.

    I should maybe move to Perth lol.

  • I'm sorry to hear that! Keep fighting. I'm finally seeing some improvement, I'm 4 months post op and the fatigue is finally lifting. The thing I think is bothering me now is the bowel adhesions but I'm not sure what if anything can be done about it.

    Cant you get transferred to the specialist centre in Edinburgh? I have found that taking a in depth diary of symptoms (I had 3 months worth) and forcing it under the nose of my GP and specialist really helped them to understand what I was going through. x

  • No, I've asked everyone for a referral to Edinburgh but they all say no, on the grounds that only a little endo was seen during my diagnostic lap earlier this year. I did get a referral to a more senior gynaecologist who I gave a detailed time line and diary too. His response was that it's all in my head or something non gynae. Back to my go this week to ask her what is next.

    Glad your feeling better and that you are getting decent care.

  • I fought for 3 years to get my 2nd lap. That was only after I said I would try the coil again which made things worse. 1 consultant actually said "this is all normal" & "it's because of your age". I sat bawling my eyes out & walked out after 15 mins. Now I take my partner who backs up what I say.

    Btw my pain was worse with minimal endo. Did u get treatment during ur diagnostic lap?

    I really feel for you. It makes me so angry to read your experience. You have young children too, I don't know how you cope.

    I was meant to get a follow up 3 months post op but after I didn't hear anything after 4 months I chased them & got my appointment, it will be almost 6 months post op before I see the consultant & I know they will only offer me the menopause injections which I will refuse.


  • No they said there wasn't anything they could move as it was so a tiny bit. What I don't understand is my bad pain is all the time, I don't get periods, and the pain comes from a different area than where they said the tiny bit of endo was. I am on gabapentil and tramadol dailay right now. But can deliver large babies with no pain relief. And they are saying there isn't anything wrong with me. To the point the gynae doesn't want to see me. Now I need to ask my dr to refer me to someone else. It's a nightmare. But I'm just going to keep fighting.

    Right now the thing that I am struggling with the most is the tiredness and bloating.

    What I eat isn't helping it at all. I just want to go to the gym and stop looking 6 months pregnant.

  • Well done for cutting all that out. Cutting out caffeine has made a big difference to me.

    If you can avoid decaf as the chemicals and process used to decafinate are not good.

    Best going for herbal teas, I love Barley cup (in powder is nicer) but there are lots of natural coffee alternatives out there to try see which you like best. If it's too hard then use the decaf to wean yourself off coffee then give that up as well, good luck!!

  • It's been very, very hard (with the exception of alcohol, I found that easy and it doesn't bother me now). I have yet to try herbal teas that's next on the agenda. Also trying to wean myself off anti-depressants, it's a long process. Thanks for your comment x

  • I also currently out all the caffeine problem is dealing with the extreme exhaustion. I just can't believe how tired I am always. My whole body and head feels extremely heavy. Also takes up energy to concentrate or focus on things

  • Hello Birdy00. I was just same as you before. I stopped eating wheat and reduced diary products and caffeine , red meat and sugar. I am a different person now, no more tired, heavy headed, my dry skin is %100 better, no more constipated and bloated feeling. All happened after reading Dian Mills book. I am also seeing her in Jan. I need to start having some mineral and vitamin supplements but would like her to advise me. It looks like some vitamins need to be taken together otherwise don't work. Lets get it right from beginning!! Her 75 mins appointment is £125. I look forward to it!! Hope this helps xx

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