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Can't shift an infection after second laproscopy for endometriosis

I'm hoping someone can help as I am at the end of my tether. I had a 2nd laproscopy at the start of August where they found and treated the endometriosis.

Since then I have felt absolutely rotten. I have had a bladder infection since the op and have been treated twice with antibiotics but to no avail. The pain is horrible, I'm not emptying my bladder, when I do it hurts around my pubic bone, I can't stop sweating (especially on a night) and now I'm suffering from unbearable leg cramps that are keeping me awake (not sure if this is related but thought I'd mention it as it's unbearable).

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Hi - where were you found to have endo and what was done? I assume they confirmed the urine infection by a urine sample and it is still showing up?


Hey, thanks for replying :)

They found Endo on my ovaries, bladder and bowel which were successfully removed. They've done a test on two urine samples which confirmed I have an infection but they've sent another urine sample off on Friday to be tested-not sure when I'll get the results.

I feel so fed up :(


Did they stage the endo and were you operated on in a specialist endo centre or in general gyneacology?


So sorry to hear that. I also got a bladder infection after my lap, the infection took some shifting, turned out there were only two Antiobiotics that would do trick / the implication I took away was that it was a hospital bug and I've always assumed it came off an unsterile catheter after I was unable to wee but not completely sure. Turned out I was intolerant to one of the drugs but the other worked thank goodness. hopefully if they can get clear on exactly what the infection is you can move forward.


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