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Hi I am relatively new to the world of birth control (on yaz for 1 year) and trying to be informed about my options just about drove me crazy I am an 19 yr old in a committed relationship and recently switched from yaz to mirena(on advice from family gp) now 1 week later I am going slightly snakey due to the cramping and brown discharge can anyone please tell me if what I am going through is normal and just buck up and stop whining lol or call my gyno for an apt to find out if something is going on? and yes I have done my research but nothing could have prepared me for these cramps thank heavens for my BF and his magic tummy rubs ..any advice would be great

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I had quite bad cramping (like a period cramp) in my uterus area for a while after having the Mirena fitted. I had it done during a lap so I'm not sure how typical that is for a new Mirena (in the sense of what's healing from the laparoscopy and what's the Mirena 'settling'). It literally felt at times as though my uterus was contracting and trying to expel the darn thing!

In my case, it did settle down thankfully.

I found the combo of laparoscopy and Mirena made my periods crazy - I had 2 in one 4 week period for a few months and even when I wasn't on my period I was bleeding, spotting etc. Perhaps the discharge is your body reacting to the Mirena?

No harm in contacting your GP to check (even if just via a phone consult).


Hi, do you have any other symptoms? Like a high temperature? Infections are rare but not unheard of after a mirena being fitted.

I had one and I had the discharge like you're describing. Me and the Mirena did not get on so I had it removed after 6 months.

It will basically be embedding itself so to speak. But if it continues, see your GP.

Good luck xx


Hi! Please read my previous posts - i'm the same age and have tried both Yasmin & currently Mirena. About 10 days after having mine fitted i was in the worst pain I have probably ever felt & was rushed straight in to get it checked out; everything was fine & in place but because I had never had children and I was 'petite' my cervix was short apparently? I was reminded that it takes a while to settle & to bear with it, the pain was so intense I was close to having an ambulance called! The Mirena slowly breaks down and eventually completely thins the lining of your womb as to prevent embedding of a fertilised egg - we have to remember that it is primarily for birth control! The discharge and bleeding is the lining of your womb doing this & will last some time until it is thin enough. Mefenemic acid mixed with codeine and lots of heat worked for me and after a few days they settled. I had mine fitted in February, I spotted for the first month on & off, had a 30 day long period in March, 26 days in April till May, 7 days in June, 2 days in July and nothing so far in August so it is getting much better & I am pain free more days than I am in pain now in terms of period type cramps. Good luck, i hope you can bear with it till it improves xx


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