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What's best for pain for endometriosis?

Hi please can anyone help I am in constant pain I might go 1 day a month pain free. I've got stage 4 endo which I found out in March this year. I am having prostap 3 every 3 months and due my 3rd injection next month and still in pain

Whem I had laparoscopy in March cyst was ruptured and pain stopped prostap supposed to shrink endo but feel as though I am swelling up again and in agony really need help with pain it's really getting me down now. I would be greatly of any advice I'm new to endo even though had symptoms for years.

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Hi I submitted this in another reply. Please try herbal!

I am in the process's of taking serrapeptase from seventh wave.

I have done so much reading the doctors are useless and wish someone told me the above years ago.

Goodluck and I also take boots brand rapid ibuprofen lysine but I only take it when I really can't take the pain


My doc perscribed Mefenamic acid - it really helped with reducing the inflammation/swelling and the pain.


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