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Endo specialist in Hampshire/Surrey/London

Hello ladies,

I'm looking for a good endo surgeon in Hampshire, Surrey or London (preferably who I can see on the NHS) and would really appreciate a PM from anyone with first-hand experience who can recommend for or against any endo surgeons in this area. My closest BSGE endo centres would be Portsmouth or Southampton but I'll travel further if necessary.

Thanks x

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I would check out all the posts on here by 'Lindle' - just search. She is amazing, both as a source of general and specific advice on Endo, and in the past has given links to the specialist Endo Centres that are around the UK.

Just follow and read her posts, and there will also be links to other useful sites, which may add to what you already have.

Sorry I can't give more specific info, as I don't know your area, but I have been incredibly impressed by all Lindle's responses. Also (don't know if it's holidays, or what), it does seem a bit slow, with fewer responses, in here right now.

Take care.


Thanks very much GrittyReads - I'll check out Lindle's posts x


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