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Early pregnancy scans!

Hi ladies,

I'm here being over paranoid again!

Am now 6 weeks pregnant and can literally not stop myself from worrying. I have now read that it is possible to miscarry without knowing and it can only be detected via a scan - I know I'm worrying about it too much but the thought of loosing my baby and not finding out for another 6 weeks is driving me mental!

I have been having bad cramping from the beginning and it seems to be getting worse, however I've had no bleeding.

I know you can pay around £90 to have a private scan at around 7 weeks which would but my mind at rest greatly however as I've been signed off work and am only entitled to £88 SSP money is a big issue right now!

My question is, having endometriosis, have any ladies been entitled to an early scan on the nhs? Due to our chances of miscarrying and complications being that bit higher than the regular person.

I look forward to hearing your advice!


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Hi again, hard as it sounds, please try to relax and stop reading things that will make you worry further. I do not believe having endo increases your chances of miscarriage, as I have said in a previous post ( I can't remember if it was to you or another lady :-s) 4 out of 5 of my friends all of whom do not have endo have had miscarriages. It is something we cannot prevent, and it happens for a reason-the baby couldn't survive because it wasn't well enough.

The type of miscarriage you are describing is called a missed miscarriage and is what I had, my baby died at 8 weeks but I didn't miscarry until l was 12 weeks. I am now 16 weeks into my second pregnancy and as you can imagine, I was petrified until I saw my baby alive and kicking at my 12 week scan. My midwife was incredibly supportive and understood my anxiety but did not recommend an early scan or push for one because unfortunately it has no guarantees. If I'd had one at 7 weeks like you wish to, with my last baby-everything would have looked fine as he/she didn't die until 8 weeks. This if possible would have made things even more devastating when I did miscarry.

My advice would be to sit tight and try and get through it, try not to worry about things you can't control. I'm here if you ever want to talk/vent/panic! Xx



In my experience, you will only have an early scan if you have a bleed or if you have had a previous problematic pregnancy. I would agree with Jakey26 and say that you just need to stay calm. I did not know I had endo when I had my babies, but I still worried non the less. I think everyone does. The pain you describe is quite normal, I remember it being horrible with my first baby. Your body hasn't done this before!

I have stage four endo now but I am almost forty and my consultant is convinced that I have had endo since I was a teen. I had three healthy babies in my thirties, no miscarriages.

Easy for me to say, but relax!! Xx


Hi I am so concerned after reading your post, please don't believe everything you are reading, the worry and stress you are going through will not help you or your baby, I know its hard but you need to relax more, and yes I was told by my specialist you are entitled to a early scan and few more then women who don't have endometriosis. Please ask your medical center.


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