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In agony after stopping norethisterone

Has anyone got any experiences of stopping norethisterone? I was on it for 9 months after my mirena fell out and I needed a transfusion. My doctor has put me back on the mini pill, which had helped before with the pain but had caused a lot of spotting (I was then persuaded to get the mirena which was a disaster for me). I was weaned off the norethisterone and have just had 3 months of noriday and the cramps are extremely bad. I was not warned that this may happen. All the hospital said was "every woman reacts differently". It would good to hear what experiences you have had. I worry that this pain will never end!

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Hi - is your cramping pain just at period time with no pain at other times?


Hi, thanks for replying. I had a period last month and it was quite long, not as painful as this one and it felt like I went straight into pms for this one. I was on micronor before which took quite a while to adjust to after cerazette, I think I had a lot of cramps then too. My concern is about what the effects of using norethisterone 5mg for 9 months would have on me and whether my body will readjust to noriday. I have been bleeding over a week now and it can be fairly heavy at times (no flooding). Thankfully my pain is less than it was so hope that will continue to improve.


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