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MRI shows thickness between bladder and cervix?

Hi very one I am very confused and need advice.

i got the results from a mri i had two months ago on tuesdsy. My consultant told me the mri was clear except there is a thickness between my bladder and cervix that might be endo. I have now been referred for diagnostic laparoscopy to see if there us any endo there..

Has anyone ever heard of this before?

I have pain before periods and after, constant urination which hurts and pressure on my bladder that gets worse during periods, back pain, and a lot of general sharp pains all over my lower pelvis. I have been like this for a year. I can't leave my bed for two weeks when on my period.

Any advice would be very helpful thanks for reading x

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Hi - you can basically have endo anywhere in your pelvis and this thickening is most likely adhesions (scar tissue) gluing your bladder to the bottom of your uterius. But this area is not the most common and it is likely that you will have endo elsewhere. If it is a general gynaecologist that you have been seeing then it is vital that your diagnostic lap is carried out by a skilled endo specialist and not a general gynae. So many women have their first lap in general gynaecology and have deep endo missed that then goes on to progress often for years without being treated, You have the chance to get this right from the start as we now have endo centres set up specifically to prevent this from happening.

You may have endo in a place called the Pouch of Douglas. Click on my name and look at my post on POD endo and the one on how to find a specialist centre. You can get a referral from your GP so ask him/her to refer you for your first lap to a centre as your symptoms suggest complex endo. PM me if you have any problems with the referral as it is your right to be treated by specialists in the condition you are suspected of having. x


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