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Large reoccurring cysts

Hi, hello to all who are suffering hope you'll be pain free soon.

I've suffered in severe pain for 2&half yrs after having a hysterectomy leaving my ovaries bcos I was under 40. Since this I've. Undergone 3more lots of surgery dueto blocked enlarged fallopian tubes and large ovarian cysts that are causing horrendous pain and grow to sizes of melons within space of 2weeks yet they still won't take my ovaries until they try other things, I can hardly walk I can't sit bcos I can feel the cyst and its attached to my bowel which is being crushed. I'm miserable and sick of constant pain I'm currently on morphine at home plus much more yet they still want to try other things.

I don't know what to do maybe 2nd opinion and negligence I just done know one thing I do know is my life's on hold till it's sorted out and I'm missing so much even doing school runs I'm unable to do, my friends call me crazy usually but at moment I'm miserable, grumpy and depressed by it all. Sorry for ranting just needed to get that off my chest

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Hi - unfortunately a hysterectomy doesn't cure endometriosis and if it is left in it can continue to progress as you have discovered. Removal of the uterus should only be done if it is actually diseased or if you have a similar condition inside it called adenomyosis. Otherwise removal of a healthy uterus can actually increase the chances of endo spreading forwards to your bladder as the uterus previously formed a barrier. Yiou need to seek a referral to a specialist endo centre for thorough excision of your endo. Please click my name and read my post on how to find one. x


I've had everything removed apart from my ovaries I've nothing else left its crazy they won't take them bcos they didn't want to force the menopause. Yet they'll leave me in agonising pain from huge rapid growing cysts 😞


I had hysterectomy due to horrendous bleeding not bcos of endo, this started after hysterectomy


Had third prostap injection yesterday horrific pain since don't know what to do with myself 😞


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